School History

After the passing of the Agricultural and Technical Instruction Act in 1899, Clonmel Corporation set up a committee to establish a scheme of technical instruction for the town. In 1902, the Mechanics Institute was renamed as the the Central Technical Institute. The day school continued as a Trades Preparatory School, one of the first in the country and one of the few remaining to still carry the ‘Central Technical Institute’ name.

In 1963 construction of a dedicated premises commenced on the present site on The Mall, opening it’s doors in 1964. Continued demand for technical education led to the opening of a second campus in 1982 on Raheen Road.

In that same year the Regional Computer Education Centre was opened in the Mall campus, with equipment kindly donated and initially operated by the Digital Equipment Corporation. ‘Digital’ as they were widely known operated a computer assembly and testing factory in Clonmel from 1978 until early 1992.

With increased enrolment and course specialisation, the 2nd level component of the Institute was moved to Raheen Road which in the early 2000’s was officially renamed Coláiste Chluain Meala to assist with the differentiation of the elements of the overall CTI.

Coláiste Chluain Meala is now based at Raheen Road and has been operating at this site since 1981.  The name Coláiste Chluain Meala was adopted in 2004 following extensive consultations with students, parents, staff and the Board of Management, previous to this it was known as the Central Technical Institute.

In September 2021 the first enrolment of students to the school Raheen College took place. Raheen College on the Raheen Road campus of CTI Clonmel, aiming to continue to deliver high quality education to our students.