Principal outlines exciting new frontiers for one Tipperary secondary school


Principal outlines exciting new frontiers for one Tipperary secondary school

Education has been ongoing at the Central Technical Institute in Clonmel for over two hundred years.

Principal of the Central Technical Institute (C.T.I.) John McCarthy, has outlined exciting new developments for the Clonmel school, a vast and complex organisation comprising three elements – Senior College, Gaelcholáiste Chéitinn and the co-ed English speaking school at Raheen Road.

Mr McCarthy  refers to new frontiers for the school that has been involved in education in Clonmel for over two hundred years, with the foundation stone laid by Charles Bianconi.

Mr McCarthy said that over recent years the staff has   overseen the development and expansion of the Senior College, providing a wide array of QQI level 5 and 6 courses for the 200 plus adult students.

He added that the Irish language second level school, Gaelcholáiste Chéitinn, now well established and highly regarded in the educational landscape of Clonmel, drawing students from a wide range of local primary schools and the surrounding environs, is thriving and flourishing.

Mr McCarthy continued – “Our focus now is on the development of our co-educational, multi- denominational, English speaking second level school at Raheen Road.

“Plans are well underway for the re-development, re-branding and refurbishing of the school.

“To facilitate this major task,  to allow planning and renovation to proceed efficiently and speedily, we are pausing enrolment for first years only for one academic year only from August 2020 to June 2021.

“This will also ensure that there is no disruption to teaching and learning for all our other students in the school”.

The principal said the decision to upgrade and refurbish the school, promoting its culture, ethos, history and tradition while embracing all that is excellent about education for the 21st century, has already received a very positive response, support and encouragement from a broad cross-section of the people of Clonmel.

He added – “This support has inspired us in our endeavour to fulfil our plan to develop our school as a community educational resource in line with our Mission Statement –  to facilitate the students and people of Clonmel and its environs in the acquisition of general and specialised education.

“We are really excited about this development and already the teaching staff have enthusiastically set about working in teams on various tasks associated with this undertaking.”.

He continued – “Tradition, continuity and change define us as a school. We have been here since 1814. The foundation stone for the physical building in Anglesea Street was laid by Charles Bianconi on  April 2, 1845.

The wheels of progress set in motion by Bianconi are still rolling.

“We will keep you informed as our plans unfold”.